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10 foods for long life in2018

foods for long life

Some foods for long life. Since ancient times, most people have always looked for ways to preserve youth and avoid the consequences of the advancing age. Thanks to technological advances, different methods have been developed to keep these young, but this is not enough if you do not enjoy good health and vitality to live to the full. The most effective way to preserve youth and prolong life is to follow proper eating habits and exercise. Our body and, in general, our body needs to be healthy to be able to live long and give us the necessary strength to face day after day, regardless of the biological age of each of us. In this article, we will talk about the 10 best foods that extend life and, therefore, will allow you to enjoy good health thanks to the benefits they bring to the body.

1.Green leafy vegetables and fishfoods for long life

These foods contain calcium and help prevent a disease called osteoporosis, which develops from 30 years of age due to a reduction in bone mass in the bones, causing fractures and various injuries that affect health.

2.White meatfoods for long life

Turkey, chicken, and fish have 25% fewer calories than red meat. These foods are a great help to reduce fat consumption and at the same time take care of your health. The high content of zinc and iron favors the action of red blood cells. Furthermore, it has been shown that consumption of this kind of food is useful for strengthening and protecting the nervous system. It is one of the best foods for long life.

3.Red fruitsfoods for long life

Red fruits have antioxidant properties and are able to prevent urinary infections. They are rich in vitamin C and flavonoids that protect the body and prevent heart disease. It is one of the best foods for long life.

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4.The avocadofoods for long life

The high content of vitamins helps to prevent many diseases that usually develop during adulthood. So the consumption of avocados , rich in vitamins, increases the chances of extending life. And giving vitality to the body to enjoy, as well, of a health better. The avocado contains vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6, D and potassium, helps control blood pressure and heart rhythm, thus preventing the risk of heart attack or other heart disease . It is one of the best foods for long life.

5.Broccolifoods for long life

The broccoli are among the vegetables  most useful to contrast the development of certain diseases . They contain vitamin A and vitamin C , which strengthen the immune system . Consumption of broccoli helps prevent cancer and heart disease. Furthermore, broccoli is an excellent detoxifier and helps to purify the body . It is one of the best foods for long life.

6.oreganofoods for long life

Specific studies have shown that oregano contains an active ingredient that inhibits inflammation of tissues and joints . Oregano, moreover, helps to prevent bone degeneration and to strengthen bones . It is one of the best foods for long life.

7.The garlicfoods for long life

Eating a raw garlic clove a day protects your body from cancer and heart disease . Eating at least once a week reduces the risk of getting colon cancer. Finally, garlic is an excellent ingredient for detoxifying the body and fighting various diseases. It is one of the best foods for long life.

8.Walnuts and dried fruit

Walnuts and dried fruit in general are one of the most recommended foods to take care of the body ‘s health . The high content of minerals such as potassium, magnesium , zinc and selenium makes them healthy foods with great benefits for the body. One study revealed that eating 5 nuts a day for 5 days a week improves the functioning of the heart and prevents diseases such as Alzheimer’s , depression and multiple sclerosis .

9.Honeyfoods for long life

The honey is one of the most famous food. And used around the world for its beneficial properties regarding the care of skin and hair. But also the body in general. Using honey as a sweetener to replace sugar or the like helps to strengthen the heart and bones, eliminate the impurities of the blood. And is also said to increase longevity because it rejuvenates the female reproductive system .

10.The wheat germ

The wheat germ is a great source of vitamin E, group B vitamins and iron. Consumption of wheat germ is recommended for health in general and has been shown to prevent arteriosclerosis . According to some medical studies, the daily consumption of this food combined with a proper diet. And physical activity can extend the life of almost 5 years.

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