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10 beauty tips for teenagers

Not all advice and beauty tips are the same for any age. As well as care and makeup for women 40 to 50 years are ideal for that age, the case of the girls also deserves makeup and skin care different.

Even in an age between childhood and adulthood, we can not expect to use the same look and perhaps less intense care.

beauty tips for teenagers

# 1 Do not use foundation

If you suffer from acne, it is best to skip the step of the base liquid or creamy makeup. This product has not been developed for teenagers, but for older women. If you want to hide some stains, we recommend you use moisturizer with color, such as BB Cream orpowder blush

# 2 solves your acne problem

Having problems with acne ? The biggest mistake you can make is not to consult a specialist. Invest the time and money required in a good treatment, creams or lotions skip without contact your who knows this.

# 3 Test your makeup before you buy

Since you can not use foundation, at least treat yourself with some bright lipstick and eyeliner. Also powder and blush. The best way to know if the color you favor and do not repent then is try before you buy.

# 4 sunscreen Use

Sunscreen is the first product that you apply to your skin during the day, even on cloudy days. This is one of the good habits that will help you when you’re older to maintain a healthy and radiant skin .

# 5 The wavy hair

What better than a natural wave in her hair! To achieve this, divide your hair into locks, and use the curler, applying the reverse direction for each section.

# 6 Apply the self-tanner with time

Generally, the self-tanning often have strong fragrances, and if you choose to apply yourself a bit to go to this very important holiday, we recommend you do a few hours earlier. In this way the product smell will fade, but the effect will remain.

# 7 Do not neglect your nails

Try to have your nails clean and filed , so they are all the same length. If you paint, do not wait until all polish skip before returning to paint.

# 8 Do not use too much eyeliner

Do not use much eyeliner, let alone the inside of your eyes that will make your eyes look smaller. You can blurring a little.

# 9 Problems with greasy hair

If your problem is to have a very oily hair , try to test the dry shampoo if you have dark hair. If your hair is light, use baby powder on the roots will be of great help.

# 10 Dare to wear layers of hair

Hair long coats are ideal for all types of hair, either straight, wavy or curly. This will make your fine hair look thicker. Just do not overdo it, and do not add too many layers.

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