Tips On Finding Inner Peace During Recovery

Skin Care
If you’ve left a life of broken dreams and scattered drug paraphernilia behind you and are embarking on a new journey as a sober person in recovery, congratulations. Getting clean can be one of the hardest things for any person to accomplish, but the struggle...
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Wearables: not always useful for weight loss

It makes a short time ago we told that the use of technology can enhance weight loss when combined with traditional strategies because favoring self – monitoring, however, the wearables are not always useful for weight loss says a recent study published in the JAMA....
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Why a piece of fruit is healthier than juice?

Sure we all know the initiative of “5 a day” that promotes eating five pieces of fruit or vegetables fresh daily, which is the minimum recommended daily intake in a healthy diet. If you go counting your servings may someday think “hey, that did not...
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